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Chinese Liver Support Group


乙型肝炎和肝癌資訊日實體 + 在線)

日期:June 22, 2024 Saturday (6月22曰 星期六 )
Time (時間) : 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Toronto Western Hospital (多倫多西區醫院)
BMO Education & Conference Centre
60 Leonard Ave, Toronto, Ontario

報名”現場出席”截止日期: 6月20日

Explore Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


Richmond Hill, located in south-central York Region, is part of the Greater Toronto Area. Its development is closely tied to the historic Yonge Street, which was initially planned as a military road by John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Upper Canada. The city officially incorporated as a village in January 1873.


In the early 20th century, Richmond Hill became known for its large greenhouse operations and rose-growing industry, earning it the title of the “rose capital” of Canada. The village council adopted the motto of the Duke of Richmond, after whom the city may have been named. The city’s unofficial motto is “A little north, a little nicer” – reflecting its friendly and down-to-earth character.

Mayor-Council system

Richmond Hill's governance structure involves a Mayor David West, a deputy mayor Godwin Chan and a team of Councillors, operating within a Mayor-Council system. The Mayor, elected at large, heads the municipal government, providing leadership to the City Council and representing the city's interests regionally and provincially.

The City Council comprises the Mayor and Councillors representing specific wards within the city. These Councillors, elected to advocate for their ward's interests, participate in decision-making on matters like budgeting and community development during regular Council meetings.

Each Councillor engages with constituents, addressing their concerns and advocating for their needs. They may also serve on committees focusing on areas like transportation or planning.

Collaboratively, the Mayor and Councillors strive to meet Richmond Hill residents' needs, enact policies, and ensure efficient municipal services. They are democratically elected and accountable to their constituents.

For the latest information on Richmond Hill's Mayor and Councillors, residents can visit the official City of Richmond Hill website or refer to local news sources.

Local Councillors

Ward 1 - Carol Davidson

Ward 2 - Scott Thompson

Ward 3 - Castro Liu,  website

Ward 4 - Simon Cuiwebsite

Ward 5 - Karen Cilevitz

Ward 6 - Michael Shiu website

Members of Council can be contacted by telephone at 905-771-8800 or by email. Please click on above links for additional contact information.

Note: Some Members of Council have their own websites. These sites are not managed by Richmond Hill staff.


As of 2021, Richmond Hill has a population of approximately 202,022 residents, making it the third most populous municipality in York Region and the 27th most populous in Canada. Here are some key demographic facts based on the 2021 Census data:

  • Population: 202,022
  • Population Growth since 2016: 3.6%
  • Land Area: 101.11 sq. km
  • Most Common Dwelling Type: Single-detached House (56.7%)
  • Average Number of Persons per Dwelling Unit: 2.9
  • Average Value of Dwelling Unit: $1,344,0002

Public Security

Richmond Hill, located in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada, generally has a reputation for being a safe and secure community. The town has its own municipal police force called the York Regional Police, which is responsible for law enforcement in Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.

The York Regional Police are known for their proactive approach to community policing, engaging with residents through various programs and initiatives aimed at crime prevention and public safety. They work closely with local businesses, schools, and community organizations to address concerns and ensure a safe environment for all residents.

Richmond Hill also benefits from a relatively low crime rate compared to other areas, with incidents of violent crime being rare. However, like any community, Richmond Hill is not immune to crime, and the police work diligently to address any issues that arise.

In addition to law enforcement, Richmond Hill has a strong network of community safety programs, including neighborhood watch groups and crime prevention initiatives, which further contribute to the overall public security of the area.

Overall, Richmond Hill residents can generally feel confident in the public security provided by the York Regional Police and the community's commitment to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment.


If you’re planning to visit Richmond Hill, consider exploring the following attractions:

  • Mill Pond Park: A picturesque park with walking trails, a pond, and historical sites.
  • David Dunlap Observatory: Home to Canada’s largest optical telescope.
  • Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts: Enjoy concerts, theater productions, and cultural events.
  • Heritage Richmond Hill: Discover the city’s history through heritage buildings and sites.


Richmond Hill continues to grow while maintaining its historical roots. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, you’ll find a welcoming community with a unique charm. If you have any more specific questions or need further information, feel free to ask! If you’d like to explore more, check out the official City of Richmond Hill website for additional details. 

2024 table tennis golden games

35 members have signed up for the upcoming June 24 and 25 table tennis tournament. We can only accept 40 participants. Please register as soon as you can if you are interested but have not yet signed up for the tournament. 

After we have received 40 registrations, any submissions will only be put on the waiting list.



Golden Games will be held on June 24 and 25 , 2024 at Rouge Woods community centre.


Reminder - 

This year's Golden Games will be held on June 24 and 25 at Rouge Woods community centre. You must be a member and a regular player to take part in the tournament. Registration form is available at all centres, starting on March25. Deadline for submitting registration form is May 19. However, there is also a limit of 40 participants, first come first served.

今年的乒乓球友誼賽將于六月二十四及二十五日在 Rouge Woods centre 舉行。参賽者必須是經常參與中心乒乓球活動的會員,報名表格由本月二十五號起可在各中心索取,報名截止日期是五月十九日,但請注意我們只能接受四十人報名,先到先得。


Charles Lee

55+ Member Drop-In Programs April 2024 -Richmond Hill Communities


Starting April 1st, there will be an added table tennis session at Bayview Hills on Friday, 9:30 am to 11:00 am.
Also please note that  starting April 1 till Sept 30, parking at Oak Ridges will be $4 per hour. However, if you are  a Richmond Hill resident, you can get a free parking permit online. 

由四月一日開始,Bayview Hill 會加添一場乒乓球,時間是星期五早上九時半至十一時。
四月一日開始至九月三十日,Oak Ridges  會收四元一小時的泊車費,不過列治文山市的居民可綱上申請免費泊車許可。

Charles Lee

Bayview Hill Park Revitalization (phase 1)


Richmond Hill 55Plus Member Drop-In Programs


1. Washroom Building
2. Splash Pad and Ice Rink
3. Tables and Umbrellas
4. Shelter
5. Multiuse Sport Court
6. Playground
7. Ornamental Fencing and Piers


1. Tennis Courts
2. Court Seating and Plaza
3. Pickleball Courts
4. Soccor Field Expansion
5. Open Lawn Area
6. Pollinator Garden
7. Naturalized No-mow Zone